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Singer / Songwriter


I have had the pleasure of producing and co-writing with Maggie Moor for many years.  She is a multi-talented young lady who has worked with many notable studio musicians.  She is also and model and author among other endeavors.

Maggie Moor was ranked #2 Jazz Artists Locally,  #3 Regional and #20 Globally on in October 2019.

Maggie Moor has been said to “look and sound absolutely stunning, sultry, sexy and soulful,” jazz trumpeter Kenny Rampton. 

A siren/ writer of smooth jazz-rock and jazzy electronic pop, Maggie Moor has the old school flavor of a speak easy cabaret siren. She captivates with a sultry slowness, and as added signature, always delights the war by featuring Grammy soloists on her sexy, smooth tracks.

You will find that Maggie Moor’s EP’s feature Grammy Artists like saxophonists David Sanborn, Richie Cannata (Billy Joel), trumpeter Kenny Rampton (Wynton Marsalis), harmonica Rob Paparozzi (BloodSweatTears), jazz drummer Buddy Williams (Roberta Flack), rock guitarist Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), and bassist Mark White (Spin Doctors).

Maggie Moor’s debut cd “Red Devil Trickery featuring Kenny Rampton”

Maggie Moor’s Greatest Hits
1. Red Devil Trickery (feat. Kenny Rampton) lyrics
2. Gun Metal Blue (feat. Rob Paparozzi) lyrics
3. Girl (feat. Kenny Rampton) lyrics
4. Little Girl’s Eyes lyrics
5. Sunday Afternoon (feat. Kenny Rampton)
6. Hush lyrics
7. Strangled (feat. Eddie Ojeda and Mark White) lyrics
8. Muggy Sunday Afternoon (feat. David Sanborn) lyrics

The Band:
Buddy Williams: Drums
Jeff Ganz: Bass
George Naha (Aretha Franklin): Guitar
Marty Dunayer: Keys
Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister) , Guitar and Mark White (Spin Doctors), Bass feat on Strangled
Produced by Marty Dunayer and Steve Boyer (Eric Clapton)
Avatar Studios NYC



I Love You (feat. Richie Cannata)

1. I Love You (feat. Richie Cannata)
2. Cool Water
3. One Day
4. Just Be
5. Awake

The Band:
Ray Marchica : Drums
Jeff Ganz: Bass
George Naha: Guitar
Mary Dunayer; Keys
Buddy Williams: Drums (Cool Water)
Produced by Marty Dunayer and Steve Boyer (Eric Clapton)
Avatar Studio, Cove City Sound, Water Music.
Awake Produced by Mr Lab & Robert L. Smith Defy Recordings
Produced by Marty Dunayer and Steve Boyer (Eric Clapton)

Video Channel
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“Listening to Maggie Moor’s voice put me in a trance… I almost forgot to play my horn…”
Richie Cannata (Billy Joel) Grammy Winning Saxophonist 

“Maggie Moor’s jazzy torch songs showcase her deep, sensuous singing style and cinematic lyrics…”
David Sanborn, Grammy winning saxophonist    

“Maggie Moor is that rare style of jazz singer who puts her deepest emotions into her song writing and then is brave enough to let those emotions come through on stage.”
Mc Glaughlin

“True talent always shines and Maggie Moor is certainly glowing!”
(Steve Boyer, Grammy winner for Eric Clapton, Unplugged)

“Maggie Moor’s vocals are incredibly sophisticated and the production is impeccable!”
Kerry Leigh, Sacramento CA Rock/Blues producer

“Maggie Moor looks and sounds absolutely stunning, sultry, sexy and soulful,”
Kenny Rampton, Wynton Marsalis Orchestra

Fun In The Studio

The Maggie Sessions

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