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Recorded At Musecat Productions


Guitar Virtuoso

I have known Dom for over 30 years.  I played in a big band, Thom Gambino's, The Umano Orchestra back in the 80's.  I am proud to have recorded 2 of his many musical excursions.  Dom recorded this project in 1 take.  It is always a good time with Dom in the studio.  I sit back, hit record, and enjoy the performance~

For the last 30 years Cecil Taylor has been an idol of mine. His
playing inspired me to keep on searching and to reach for the stars.
This album is a culmination of my 30 years of free-form playing. To
some free-form means atonal, but it’s not. It is culmination of notes
that can be beautiful or (to some ) ugly. But it is free, meaning not
in time, no time signature. Just as Sigmund Freud used free
association, that’s what free players do. It is easier to listen to a
solo artist than it is to a quartet. If it is a good quartet, each
musician would listen to each other and play off of their
compatriots . If they don’t listen, then it sounds like a mish-mash
of nothing. Is it avant-garde? Sometimes, but free playing has been
going on throughout the centuries. Is it accepted in today’s society
of pop induced music? Not all the time. There is a limited audience
for this music.

Cecil Taylor, who was raised in Queens NY, and ended up at the New
England Conservatory of music where he studied classical
composition, was heavily influenced by the music of Bartok and
Stockhausen. When he came back to New York with his brand of
jazz ( improvisation), he was snubbed by the jazz community. Slowly
he began to work and introduce chord clusters and...  more


released April 2, 2019

Dom Minasi - guitar
All music by Dom Minasi, Dom Minasi Pub. ASCAP
Recorded and mixed by Marty Dunayer at Musecat Studio, New York
Cover photo by Valeria Marchese
Design by Qua’s Eye Graphics
Produced by Jack DeSalvoicens

all rights reserved


Manna For Thought

A  Musical  Journey

I recorded this trio featuring Dom Minasi, Nora McCarthy and Ros Moshe in my studio.  Everything was recorded in one take with all the musicians playing off of each other.  It was truly an amazing day in the studio.

Manna For Thought Improvising Trio
Nora McCarthy - Voice, Compositions, Poetry, Lyrics
Dom Minasi - Guitar, Compositions
Ras Moshe - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Compositions

This group of masterful improvising musicians was formed in January, 2011 by creative vocal artist, composer & poet, Nora McCarthy. Their first performance, January 24, 2011 was at Local 269 on the Lower East Side, NYC as part of the Arts For Art Evolving Voice Series produced by Patricia Parker, founder of the Vision Festival.

Manna For Thought delves into the immediacy of now with an artful array of skillfully notated and arranged original post-modern music compositions, free open-forms, and deconstructions of jazz music. The thought-provoking poetic word structures that are manipulated, dissected, and reassembled into new music within the context of each piece weave in a pliable thread of creative expression that adds counter-movement and shape. Their experimental approach and intuitive interplay is a thrilling aural delight intriguing to hear and marvelous to witness.


released January 1, 2017

Manna For Thought
by Manna For Thought Improvising Trio
Recording Engineer: Marty Dunayer – Musecat NYC
Recorded Live Without Interruption, October 12, 2017

Nora McCarthy-Voice
Dom Minasi-Guitar
Ras Moshe-Tenor Saxophone

Engineered by Marty Dunayer
Mixed by Marty Dunayer
All arrangements by respective composers

1. Vehicle Vehicle (04:26)
2. Study In Compassion (07:13)
3. I See / You (09:12)
4. Frequency ONE (08:16)
5. The Whole Thing (06:34)
6. Snow Falls (08:25)

Vehicle Vehicle by Dom Minasi / Lyrics: Nora McCarthy
Study In Compassion by Nora McCarthy
I See / You by Ras Moshe
Frequency ONE by Nora McCarthy
The Whole Thing by Dom Minasi
Snow Falls by Nora McCarthy


all rights reserved

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