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Guided 8 Extraordinary Meridian Meditations

I had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with Dr. Lisa Van Ostrand on her guided meditation CD.

The Guided Meridian Meditation is for beginners as well as those familiar with the acupuncture meridian system.  According to Chinese Medicine, The 8 Extraordinary Meridians access the deepest levels of our being.  Ancient Daoist theories taught the importance of circulating our energy for self-cultivation as well as for healing and longevity.  Enjoy a deep soothing experience and stimulate your energy flows at the deepest level. 

The vocals are accompanied by the corresponding keys for each meridian.

Diagrams of The 8 Extraordinary Meridians are available on

Produced by Marty Dunayer at Musecat Productions

Vocals........Lisa Van Ostrand

Music by Marty Dunayer

Engineer....Marty Dunayer

Track 1 is Lisa's meditation with music

Track 2 is just the music for you to use with your own meditation

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