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100 Young Celebrities Raise Their Voices For The Environment

In 1992 following the "Only One Earth" project, I wrote and produced "Let It Be Earth Day Every Day", an environmental fund raiser featuring 100 celebrity kids.

The participants that day were:
Eric Balfour (“Kids, Inc.”), Christopher Bell (Films), John Aaron Bennett (“I’ll Fly Away”), Dustin Berkovitz (“Sisters”), Lindsay Berkovitz (Films), Megan Berwick (“Salute Your Shorts”), Jason Biggs (“Drexell’s Class”), Kenny Blank (“The Super,” co-starring with Joe Pesce), Zachary Bostrom (“Harry and the Hendersons”), Zachery Ty Bryan (“Home Improvement”), Clara Bryant (“Billy,” starring Andy Rooney), Laura Bundy (“Ruthless”), Chris Burke (“Life Goes On”), Olivia Burnette (“The Torkelsons”), Justin Burnette (“Dynasty”), Eugene Byrd (“Beverly Hills, 90210”), Josh Byrne (“Step By Step”), Monica Calhoun (“Bagdad Cafe” Monica appeared in the television show and the movie), Brandon Call (“Step By Step”), Candace Cameron (“Full House”), Domenica Cameron-Scorsese (“Cape Fear”), Gabrielle Carmouche (“Big Brother Jake”), Christopher Castile (“Step By Step”), Kevin Chevalia (“Folks”), Anna Chlumsky (“My Girl,” “My Girl II”), Chance Michael Corbitt (“The Lost Boys”), Christian Cousins (“Kindergarten Cop”), Joseph Cousins (“Kindergarten Cop”), Quinn Culkin (“Wish Kid”), Dylan Day (“The Babe”), Venus DeMilo (“Salute Your Shorts”), Deanna DuClos (“Earth Day” Demo), Danielle DuClos (“Aspects of Love”), Rachel Duncan (“The Torkelsons”), Luke Edwards (“Davis Rules”), Tim Eyster (“Salute Your Shorts”), David Faustino (“Married – With Children”), Michael Fishman (“Roseanne”), Ryan Francis (“Sisters”), Sara Gilbert (“Roseanne”), Brian Austin Green (“Beverly Hills, 90210”), Seth Green (Films), Sylver Gregory (“Royal Family”), Richard Habersham (“The Long Walk Home”), Adam Hann-Byrd (“Little Man Tate”), Melissa Joan Hart (“Clarissa Explains It All”), Jennifer Love Hewitt (“Kids, Inc.,” lead in ABC-TV’s “The Audrey Hepburn Story” in March of 2000), Daniel Hilfer (“Big Brother Jake”), Miko Hughes (“Kindergarten Cop”), Adam Jeffries (“True Colors”), Ashley Johnson (“Growing Pains”), Haylie Johnson (“Kids, Inc.”), Rae’Ven Kelly (“I’ll Fly Away”), Geoff and Savannah King (Rincon Kids), Christine Lakin (“Step By Step”), A.J. Langer (“Drexell’s Class”), Joey Lawrence (“Blossom”), Matt Lawrence (Films), Ashlee Levitch (“I’ll Fly Away”), Emily Ann Lloyd (“Kindergarten Cop”), Eric Lloyd (“Wonder Years”), Jeremy London (“I’ll Fly Away”), Dana Lubotsky (“Straight Talk,” “The Babe”), Heidi Lucas (“Salute Your Shorts”), Kellie Martin (“Life Goes On”), Darius McCrary (“Family Matters”), Crystal McKellar (“Wonder Years”), Danica McKellar (“Wonder Years”), Aaron Metchik (“The Torkelsons”), Kevin Mockrin (Films), Elissabeth Moss (Lifetime Film: “MIdnight’s Child”), Brittany Murphy (“Drexell’s Class”), Corin Nemec (“Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”), Lee Norris (“The Torkelsons”), Courtney Peldon (“Harry and the Hendersons”), Ashley Peldon (“Deceived”), Danny Pintauro (“Who’s The Boss?”), Carol-Ann Plante’ (“Harry and the Hendersons”), Markus Redmond (“Doogie Howser, MD”), Giovonni Ribisi (“Davis Rules”), Eden Riegel (“Will Rogers Follies”), Sam Riegel (“Guiding Light”), Naya Rivera (“Royal Family”), R.D. Robb (“Les Miserables”), Crystal Robbins (“The Long Walk Home”), Natanya Ross (“Billy”), Justin Shenkarow (“Eerie, Indiana”), Anna Slotky (“The Torkelsons”), Taran Noah Smith (“Home Improvement”), Ben Taylor (Recordings), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (“Home Improvement”), Josiah Trager (“Big Brother Jake”), Casper Van Dien (“Dangerous Women,” later in “Starship Troopers”), Jenna von Oy (“Blossom”), Angela Watson (“Step By Step”), Nathan Watt (“Davis Rules”), Jason Weaver (“The Long Walk Home”), Scott Weinger (“Full House”), Jeremy Wieand (“Big Brother Jake”), Kelly Williams (“Family Matters”) and Jimmy Workman (“The Addams Family,” “Addams Family Values”).

The music tracks were recorded at Power Station Recording Studio in NYC and the featured band was:

Buddy Williams (Drums)

Anthony Jackson  (Bass)

George Naha  (Guitar)

Jerry Friedman  (Guitar)

Joe Passaro (Percussion)

Marty Dunayer (Piano)

Paul Griffin  (Hammond B3)

The kids were all recorded at Evergreen Studios in Burbank.  Steve Boyer engineered the music and vocal tracks and mixed with Ben Fowler as his assistant.  My executive producer Tony Bongiovi was indispensable coordinating the audio recording on both coasts.  The recording was an Herculean effort and Steve Boyer was amazing, creating the vocal comp track from over 50 tracks of vocals.  Before Pro Tools!!!


Behind The Scenes Footage

Featured Video

This is the official music video


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